Creativity Advisor

We believe that everyone is given a God given talent. This talent is not necesarily somethting in the ARTs (singing, playing an instrument, drawing, etc...). Your talent can come in any form, big or small, it is that one thing that comes naturally to you. Creativity is taking a talent and making it your own. While there are many people who can have the ssame talent, what YOU do with it, will define the original spin on it that others will remember.


So what is a Creativity Advisor? As a Creativity Advisor, It is our job to help you reach the full potential of your talent in order to bring your purpose closer to fruition. We offer our experience in creative ideas to help cultivate your unique take on your talent. From helping you define your original spin, to helping you flesh it out, our creative expertise will give you a plan to go forward. If you are stuck when trying to think outside of the box we can help there as well. We also offer accountability partnering to help keep you on track.




Creativity Advisor regular clients* recieve a 20% discount on logo designs and any other business related graphic design.


*A regular client has had at least 3 appointments.

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