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Welcome to Astria Legends


"Inspiring the World Around Us!"
"The World of Living Breathing COLOR!"

These describe the Astria Legends brand: Colorful, Encouraging and Wholesome!
Astria Legends is a fantasy francise built upon inspiring others in a world where so much tears us down. To be a light giving others hope, and encouragement.

Changing lives, one story at a time.

About Astria:
The main world Astria Legends is founded under is a world where Angels are based on colors and repesent everything that color means. A physical representation of God's Rainbow and Unity. It is here where SINs are living breathing beings too and feed off the life force of those who fall into their temptation, making them stronger.
Which side are you on?

  • Christian Fantasy
  • Young Adult/Adult
  • Rated E 10+
  • Artistic Services
  • Creativity Coach
  • Performance Arts


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